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ePetHealth Online Services 

It is our goal to provide you with the best patient care possible; in doing so, we would like to bring your attention to our FREE and USER FRIENDLY online service, ePetHealth. This technology offers you 24/7 online access to your pet's medical information. This services allows you to view or print the necessary information needed in an emergency, when boarding, traveling, or taking classes. 


About the Service: 

  • My clinic - Contact the clinic via ePetHealth (even after hours!) for an appointment request, medication refill request, boarding reservation, or to ask a general question. We will be notified immediately of your request. Imagine how much time this can save you! 
  • Alerts - Allows you to better manage your pet's important medication doses by setting up email alerts. These alerts will signal it is time for your pet's next dose and how many are remaining. 
  • Reminders - An email reminder will be sent to you 30 days prior to any upcoming vaccines and/or examination due dates. Your pet's health and care are important to us, which is why we want your pet to stay current with examinations and  preventative care. This service also sends you reminders when you have an appointment scheduled with our practice. If you prefer text reminders, you can enable this feature as well! 
  • Educational Materials - Your ePetHealth portal provides you with a library of educational materials including pet health videos, articles, breed information, and interactive features.  

How to Get Started: 

1. To begin using this service simply click on 'ePetHealth'.
2. Select 'Learn More' next to 'New to ePetHealth?'
3. Select 'Pet Owners' 
4. Enter the email address you have on file with our practice, and click 'Go' 
5. An email with a link to complete the registration process will be sent to your inbox. 
6. Follow the link, create a password, and a password hint. Read and agree to the terms of use. Click 'Submit' 
7. Your profile has been created. You may now login and enjoy the great features of your pet portal!