DeWitt Animal Hospital, P.C.

5620 Thompson Road
DeWitt , NY 13214


At Dewitt Animal Hospital, we have a well-stocked pharmacy to provide your pet with the most efficient medical care. Our pharmacy enables our doctor to prescribe a variety of medications for his patients. These medications can either treat your pet that may be sick or in pain, or prevent diseases such as Heartworm and intestinal parasites. When refilling a prescription, our doctors and staff carefully review your file to make sure your pet is up to date on exams as well as any lab work. We stay up to date on our files so our doctors can keep an eye on their patients and adjust dosages of medications if needed. 

We recommend purchasing medications through your veterinarian. Please be cautious when purchasing medications for your pet online.

When needing your prescription refilled, please allow our technicians 24 hours notice. You can call us, email, or request a refill through your ePetHealth account.