DeWitt Animal Hospital, P.C.

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We require all prior medical records before scheduling appointments.

We strongly believe in regular check-ups and wellness examinations as a method of preventative care.
Examinations allow your veterinarian to evaluate your pet's health and become aware of potential health problems before they become a serious issue. 

Becoming a New Client

Upon introduction to our practice, our staff will gather pertinent information regarding your pet's health, diet, behavior, medical history, and update patient notes.

We will discuss specific recommendations for your pet, and together decide what type of exam, vaccinations, and prevention items best meet both your and your pet's needs.

Once the veterinarian is prepared for the appointment, a veterinary assistant will greet you and your pet, and guide you to our examination room. 

Our veterinarian will complete a physical examination of your pet; this examination provides the veterinarian with important information regarding your pet's general body condition, skin, ears, eyes, nose, mouth and teeth, heart, lungs, pulse, abdomen, lymph nodes, and much more.

Our two main types of appointments are:

  • Healthy Pet Exam with/without vaccines
  • Comprehensive Exams

If there are any health concerns or recent changes that you would like to bring to the doctor's attention, please be sure to call our office at (315)-446-1200 to provide our team with a brief description of your pet's condition.

Our entire team has knowledge and training regarding our hospital accommodations and priority of health concerns. Our doctor frequently reviews appointment notes and client charts prior to appointments.
With proper communication of health concerns we are best able to serve you and your pet(s).

In addition to exams by our veterinarian, we have technicians who provide the following additional services: 

Ear Cleaning | Nail Trims | Blood Draws | Medication Administration | Suture Removals | Estimates & Client Education