DeWitt Animal Hospital, P.C.

5620 Thompson Road
DeWitt , NY 13214


Our Staff


Crystal, Practice Manager 

Crystal joined DeWitt Animal Hospital in 2018.

Crystal has BA in Human Resource Management, as well as previous veterinary and management experience.

One of our favorite things about her is that she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty! Her philosophy is "If I am not willing to do it, then I am not willing to ask my staff to do it either". 

Crystal has a menagerie - six dogs, five cats, and five rats.   

MarLisa , Veterinary Assistant

MarLisa has been with the DeWitt family since 2017.

MarLisa is currently attending Penn Foster to obtain her Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology, with hopes of being a licensed technician.

When she has spare time, she enjoys country music concerts, fishing, and camping.

Hannah, Veterinary Receptionist 

Hannah joined our practice in 2016 as a full-time veterinary receptionist.

Although her availability has since changed, Hannah continues to offer her exemplary care for our clients on Saturdays. 

She has a rescue dog named River, and two cats, Archie and Rosie. 

Alyssa, Office Manager

Alyssa joined our practice in 2017 as a certified Veterinary Assistant. In the time she has been here, she has grown into an integral part of the hospital.

Alyssa began working with animals in the hopes of making a positive difference in their lives. Her  dream job would be managing an in-home  rehabilitation center for exotic animals.

She is also the proud owner of a Sphynx cat named Evie. 


 Nicole, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Nicole joined Dewitt Animal Hospital in September of 2019.

She graduated from SUNY Delhi in December of 2018, immediately passed her boards and obtained her NYS license in the same month!

 When Nicole is not working, she enjoys drawing   and watercolor painting. Nicole has a Puggle, and   three cats. 

 T.B.A. , Licensed Veterinary Technician


 MaKayla, Veterinary Assistant

 MaKayla is one of our part-time staff - we get the honor of her help when she is home from college. MaKayla will be finishing her undergrad this fall, and plans on continuing her education to be a Veterinarian.

 She loves the outdoors, and horseback riding. 

 Erica, Veterinary Assistant

 Erica began her career with us right before all of   the Corona craziness! She brings a wonderful cheerfulness that spreads through the clinic, our clients, and their pets.

 Erica loves working with animals as well as people, which makes her a perfect fit as an assistant.

She is currently pursuing her degree in Biology. 

 Andrea, Kennel Attendant 

 Andrea has been with our practice since 2008,   offering her skills as a kennel attendant as needed.   She loves working with animals, and enjoys   running in her spare time. 

 Kayla, Veterinary Assistant

 Kayla joined our practice in 2017.

 Kayla recently graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelors degree in Biology. She is considering returning to school to pursue a Veterinary degree.

 Kayla adores her Chihuahua, Sophia.